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Kaakat was the first restaurant to open where it became possible to enjoy a kaakeh, a Lebanese specialty, in its traditional taste and shape, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
Kaakat has taken the best from the past and developed it to make it even better. Now you can enjoy a Kaakeh not only with zaatar or knefeh, but with a variety of fillings that is a test for your imagination.
We work hard to maintain Kaakat's image by abiding to the company’s rules and regulations, hygiene standards, uniform specifications procedures and hospitable culture throughout all our outlets. The corporate culture ensures that our staff and customers have a healthy outlook towards Kaakat.
In today’s working world, people hardly have time during lunch breaks, they require a quick, delicious and healthy meal to satisfy their needs. Kaakat is the ideal place to attend where its unique and special menu offers you something completely different and never tasted before in the world.


“Kaakat” is a food retail concept built around the all-favorite “Kaakeh”, a Lebanese traditional bread product transmitted from generation to generation and mostly consumed within the Levant and Middle Eastern countries.
The “Kaakeh” traditional bread is slightly leavened wheat bread, flat, either round or slightly oval and comes in variable sizes. It is most commonly and traditionally consumed with added sesame seeds and thyme to give it the perfect blend and flavor.
This basic roll-with-a-hole design is hundreds of years old and has a practical usage as to thread string or dowels through groups of “Kaakat”, allowing easier handling and transportation and more appealing seller display.

Mini Kaakat

We have the perfect snack size: our MINI Kaakeh are suited for all places and occasions.
You can use them in a business lounge, at a breakfast buffet, special events, and parties. They can also be the perfect tiny snack when you are “on the go”.
They come in both Plain and 100% Whole Wheat.


Kaakat is the ideal place to attend where its unique and special menu offers you something completely different and never tasted before in the World.

The Franchise
The “Kaakat” franchise delivers a system that provides business support, thus benefiting from a customer service policy and a brand reputation people trust.
Training and ongoing support for franchisees ensuring maximum efficiencies are utilized in the management and operations of your outlet.
Our leadership and proven system will insure that you are running your business for the highest achievable return on your investment.

Our qualities are:

  • Great food: our varied menu selection provides customers with endless options.
  • Simplicity: we have an easy-to-run operation.
  • Support: we have a computerized system in place to assist our franchise.
  • Control: we instruct owners to use exceptional control methods to help them run their Business efficiently.

We deliver the best quality of food and catering for engagements, graduations, birthdays, conferences, workshops, business meetings,and any other special occasions or events.

Our most appreciated item: Mini Kaakat has become an essential item requested for all banqueting.

Contact us

Mini Kaakat
Biakout (click here for map)
+961 1 880 720
+961 3 517 345

Kaakat Collection
+961 1 334 233
+961 3 558 817

For more information: info@kaakat.com

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